Limo Rental Guides & Tips

Limo Rental Guides & Tips

Need to Know before You Rent. 

What you should know before renting.

 We would love for you to avoid making mistakes which will turn into a disappointing bad experience! Our staff are very helpful and in making sure you set up your limousine rental and delivery of your service. We have heard from customers who have used less than stellar limo service companies are horror stories they cannot recover from. Many times the limo shows up late, goes to the wrong locations, incorrect price quotes and ugly, dirty vehicles with no amenities. This will not happen here, we have a structured process and your satisfaction is always our mission.


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Renting a limo from a Trusted Leader

 Never shop for the “Lowest Price”.

 If your decision is to shop for the “Lowest Prices”, you may be taking a great chance of the service you are going to receive. You will find that many low price limo rentals  are cheaper because you will be getting a cheaper type of vehicle and customer service. 

Any questions need answered, feel free to call us at 713 772-5466(LIMO)

We offer a “Best Price” option you will be more than Happy with.

Our Limousines & Party Buses are always kept in an immaculate condition are always cleaned before the client. There are many deviations with the limousine business, being price, quality, customer service and delivery. Since we believe that a limo service is an extra luxurious purchase for most people, they do want to receive a high quality service. If you want rent 5 star quality you may not receive it with the “low price” company. When you expect to receive high quality you will receive top-notch service with a rental of our limousines.  As a comparison you can think of this:

  1. Going to the local cinema to watch a movie for 2, with drinks & popcorn $30.00
  2. Attending a theatrical performance of a Broadway Show $75 per person, before any refreshments.

NO Comparison of the two, which may be the difference between one company  to us. Many times the lower priced service may mean you may have trouble with the price, there may be hidden fees and charges in small print you wouldn’t even notice. You will have the driver at your location to pick you up when you find out about the extra charges and since you have everything planned you accept the price and service. The start of your experience is off to a rocky start even before it begins. 

REMEMBER if you expect a 5 star limousine service you can contact us for reservations or questions. If you decided to go the cheaper route we Wish you the Best. Please ask to see which vehicle you are going to receive and make sure that is what shows up to your location for pickup.

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